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Who we are

The People behind your journey

Leonardo Balli


Being in the travel business for over 30 years has taught me that no experience is the same, which is why I firmly believe each and every trip reflects and also unveils the Essence of the traveler.

We always strive to learn the background of our guests , understand their expectations and needs in order to craft a trip to Italy that suits you and only you.

Elisa Pozzoli

Sales and Marketing Director

Venturing on a genuine travel adventure is like drinking an excellent glass of wine : you need to indulge in it, experience it to the utmost, reach out eagerly and without fear for a newer and richer experience. You may either enjoy it solo or share it with meaningful others.

My entire life I have been building trustworthy connections with locals on territory and selecting properties and activities to deliver an authentic Italy experience : our guests will only need to pour themselves into it.

Eleonora Bugetti

Product Manager

Italy is a living dream : you will be forever enchanted by its landscapes, mesmerized by its timeless art masterpieces, amazed by the people you will meet along the way, delighted by tannins and savours.

As your trip to Italy approaches the end , I am not sure you will have got more answers in your pocket. But I can definitely promise you will head home with much more questions, an overwhelmed soul and indelible Beauty in your eyes.